Cassia Residences-New investment opportunity by the Banyan Tree Group
Last updated: 25-March-2016
  • Q: What is the warranty period offered?

    A one year warranty is offered.

    Q: How long will construction take?

    All construction works are subject to appropriate Government approvals. Generally, it will take approximately 24 months to complete the building and landscaping from the date of commencement of construction.

  • Q: What rental yield can I expect?

    Since the apartments are in a prime location and are professionally manage, there is a potential for good rental returns and capital appreciation. The table below indicates the potential gross rental yields based upon the assumptions shown:

    1. Assumptions
    Occupancy % 60% 50%
    Average Daily Rate (SGD) 200 150 100 200 150 100
    2. Revenue share
    Revenue (SGD) 43,800 32,850 21,900 36,500 27,375 18,250
    Owners share @40% (SGD) 17,520 13,140 8,760 14,600 10,950 7,300
    Less reserve fund @ 3% (1,314) (986) (657) (1,095) (821) (548)
    Net revenue share 16,206 12,154 8,103 13,505 10,129 6,752
    3. Gross Rental Yield (before withholding tax)
    Investment @ SGD 200,000 8.1% 6.1% 4.1% 6.8% 5.1% 3.3%
    Investment @ SGD 250,000 6.5% 4.9% 3.2% 5.4% 4.1% 2.7%
    Investment @ SGD 300,000 5.4% 4.1% 2.7% 4.5% 3.4% 2.3%

    The figures above are for illustrative purposes only and should not be relied upon as forming a representation or guarantee as to the actual returns which may differ significantly from the above.

    Q: How is my rental return paid?

    Owners will be paid rental returns direct to their nominated bank or quarterly basis.

    Q: Can I rent my apartment out on my own?

    No. All rentals must be conducted through the manager.

    Q: Can I stay whenever I want?

    Yes, subject to the terms and conditions imposed under the rental program selected. Blackout dates apply for stays in the investment rental program. However, all reservations by owners for their stays are subject to availability.

    Q: What are the blackout dates?

    For those in the investment rental scheme, these are high season periods such as Christmas, New Year, Chinese New Year, Easter, certain weekends and other public holidays.

    Q: Why are there blackout dates?

    High season periods are the busiest time of the year, it is during these times when demand is highest and the best opportunity exists to yield maximum rental returns.

    Q: How much advance notice is required for my stay?

    Owners should provide as much notice as possible as apartments may be pre-booked with third party guests, particularly for stays during high season periods.

    Q: Can I choose my own furniture?

    No. A standard furniture package will be required in all apartments.

    Q: Can my friends use my owner’s entitlement?

    Yes, subject to terms and conditions of the rental agreement entered into the manager (e.g.owners may be required to be pre-registered with the manager).

    Q: What utilities do I have to pay?

    For apartments being rented out, these costs will be covered by the revenue share retained by the manager. For apartments being occupied by owners, utilities will be based upon the consumption/costs incurred.

    Q: Can I book more than one apartment at the same date for my friends to stay within my annual entitlement?


    Q: How does the rental pool program work?

    The rental returns paid to owners will be calculated based upon a 40% share of room revenue under the same pool category (the other 60% being retained by the manager to cover operating expenses of the rental program). An example of how the return returns are determined is set out below:

    Occupancy % 60%
    Room nights occupied (365 days * 60%) Days 219
    Average Room Rate SGD 150
    Room Revenue (excluding service charge and taxes) SGD 32,850
    Revenue Share to Owner @ 40% SGD 13,140
    Less Reserve Fund Contribution @ 3% of Room Revenue *** SGD (986)
    Revenue Share to Owner (before withholding tax) SGD 12,154

    Note:  the operation of the rental program is at the discretion of the manager and may be subject to change. The above example is indicative only of how the rental returns will be determined and may not reflect the actual returns achieved. *** A reserve fund contribution is at 3% on year 1, 4% on year 2, and 5% on year 3 and onwards.

    Q: What are the taxes levied on the rental program that an owner will be subject to?

    Rental distributions made to non-resident (foreign) owners are subject to 20% withholding tax. Rental earned by Indonesian tax residents are subject to 10% withholding tax.

    Note: application tax rates are current at the date of issue of this FAQ and may be subject to changes. The unit owner shall be responsible for any income and any other taxes, duties and fees of whatever nature which may be levied by relevant authorities on the unit in connection with the rental. All unit owners are advised to seek their own tax advice in this regard.

    Q: Is there a rental program available?

    Yes, the apartments will be professionally managed. Investment and lifestyle rental options are available. The investment rental program – entitles owners to 30 days stay per year outside of the blackout dates (during high/peak season periods) in order to maximize rental returns. Apartments in this rental program will be first priority for rental. The lifestyle rental program – entitles owners up to 90 days stay per year including blackout dates (during the high/peak season periods) in order to enjoy a balance between rental returns and lifestyle benefits. Apartments in this rental program will be second priority for rental.

  • Q: What are the estimated common area charges?

    These will be charged based upon costs incurred.

    Q: What types of property management services are offered and what is the approximate cost?

    The common areas within the project will be professionally managed and services will include maintenance, pest control, gardening, pool cleaning, security, etc. A common area fee will be charged to all owners for services provided in respect of common property based upon the costs incurred. For apartments being rented out, standard hotel type services costs will be covered by the revenue share retained by the manager. For apartments being occupied by owners, a schedule of rates will apply for various services offered.

  • Q: What privileges will I receive as an owner?

    Owners will receive a membership to the Laguna Bintan Golf Club and a ‘Sanctuary Club’ card which entitles holders to discounts and privileges at all Banyan Tree, Angsana and Laguna Resorts worldwide.

    • 30% discount on best available rates for hotel accommodation
    • 25% discount on food and beverage
    • 20% discount on golf green fees
    • 20% discount on a-la-carte spa menu
    • 15% discount on gallery merchandise
    • 15% discount on in-house tours
    • 15% discount on laundry
    • 10% discount airport and ferry terminal transfer
    • Priority wait-list on reservations
    • Early check-in / late check-out

    **Terms and conditions apply.

    Owner can exchange part of their annual use entitlement for free stays at participating properties within the global network.

  • Q: What infrastructure facilities and services are provided?

    Laguna Bintan, one of Bintan’s leading integrated resorts comprises a collection of hotels with their restaurants, rejuvenating spas, recreation facilities, and the acclaimed Laguna Bintan Golf Course designed by Greg Norman.

  • Q: What are the terms of payment?

    For all new properties sold, we offer 2 options of payment plans. Payment terms are as follows:

    Option 1: 100% Payment

    For properties under construction, progressive payments or for completed properties, 100% payment upon signing contract
     Reservation Deposit SGD 5,000
     1st Payment upon signing contract 20% of selling price
     2nd Payment when construction is 25% complete* 20% of selling price
     3rd Payment when construction is 50% complete** 20% of selling price
     4th Payment when construction is 75% complete*** 20% of selling price
     5th Payment upon completion of construction 20% of selling price
    Notes: 1. Concrete structure substantially completed* 2. Roof, brickwork and rendering substantially completed** 3. Electrical conduits, pipe work and plastering substantially completed***  

    Option 2: Deferred Payment

    Initial 50% of purchase price over construction period as per schedule below.
     Payment Schedule Amount
     1st Payment upon signing contract 20% of selling price (less Reservation Deposit)
     2nd Payment when construction is 50% complete** 10% of selling price
     3rd Payment when construction is 75% complete*** 10% of selling price
     4th Payment upon completion of construction 10% of selling price
    Notes: 1. Roof, brickwork and rendering substantially completed** 2. Electrical conduits, pipework and plastering substantially completed*** Balance of 50% of purchase price over a 1 to 5 year period subject to interest as set out below.
    Price Reservation Deposit Construction Completion Payment 50% (Minus Deposit) Remaining Post Finance 50% Monthly Installation
    1 Year (3%) 3 Year (5%) 5 Year (7%)
    200,000 5,000 95,000 100,000 8,469 2,997 1,980
    225,000 5,000 107,500 112,500 9,528 3,372 2,228
    250,000 5,000 120,000 125,000 10,587 3,746 2,475
    275,000 5,000 132,500 137,500 11,654 4,121 2,723
    300,000 5,000 145,000 150,000 12,704 4,496 2,970
    325,000 5,000 157,500 162,500 13,763 4,870 3,218
    350,000 5,000 170,000 175,000 14,821 5,245 3,465
    Notes: 1. All amounts are stated in SGD. 2. The above table sets out the estimated payments required under the respective payment plans for the property selling price. 3. The estimated payments are indicative only and the developer/seller does not accept any responsibility or liability whatsoever for any inaccuracy or omissions. 4. One year deferred plan is 12 equal monthly installments (3% interest per annum applies). 5. Three year deferred plan is 36 equal monthly installments (5% interest per annum applies). 6. Five year deferred plan is 60 equal monthly installments (7% interest per annum applies). 7. Payment terms and subject to change without notice.